About Me

Hi, I’m Bryton! Thanks for joining me here on The Canadian Cabin.

I was born in Vancouver, but in 1998, when I was 9/10, my family moved to Perth, Australia,where I’ve been ever since. As amazing as Australia is with the beaches down the road and kookaburras having a good chuckle in the backyard, the move threw us off centre. It took years to accept that we were now living in Australia, and even more years on top of that to appreciate, enjoy, then love, being here.

The autumn leaves in October, a cold Christmas (40C+ on Christmas Day doesn’t quite cut it!), even a summer on an Ontario lake, an ice cold lemonade nearby during the day and the sound of loons lulling us to sleep at night. I still get waves of being homesick.

ontario in fall

That’s where The Canadian Cabin comes in.

What you’ll find here in a corner for us to enjoy those ‘traditional’ and inspired Canadian recipes when we’re feeling nostalgic and needing a piece of home.

You won’t find The Canadian Cabin on social media as it’s a personal side project, but I do run the blog Food in Literature where I create recipes inspired by novels and children’s books. Through this site you’ll find me on Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook, YouTube and Instagram.